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In a dangerous future where life is lived on the trigger, two Sniper partners are torn apart by tragedy.

JACK LANTIC is seduced by revenge for his slain family while DAMON VOITH craves a swift rise to ulimate power.

In a story of betrayal and revenge set amongst tomorrow's terror, both collide when the are seduced into the government's elite Omen Ops Squad

Former friends become bitter rivals as they strive for the affection of the same woman and battle for survival within the BLOODTROOPS!!

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The creator of BLOODTROOPS is Darryl James, a.k.a. DJ. He is also the film-maker who has interviewed over 100 celebrities from sci fi having travelled the world of sci fi film & television. Over the coming months, DJ will release exclusive interviews for Sci Fi Central.

C3P0 Interview
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